Turbos & Kits

Turbos & Kits

  • Riffraff Diesel

    OCR - Overboost Code Regulator

    OCR - Overboost Code Regulator for Ford 7.3L 99-03The purpose of the OCR is to regulate the presence of an "overboost code" that sets the Service Engine Soon light and stop the PCM from defueling at 23 psi of boost. We are the first to utilize a pre-set...
  • Irate Diesel Performance

    IDP T4 S364.5SXE Complete Turbo Kit

    T4 S364.5SXE Complete Turbo KitThis kit is for the crowd looking to be around the 300-500hp mark, this turbo has very good driving characteristics, fast spool up and will do very well towing. Works great with STOCK Injectors to small hybrids!This kit is...
  • Irate Diesel Performance

    IDP T4 S369SX-E Complete Turbo Kit

    T4 S369SX-E Complete Turbo KitFull IDP T4 mounting kit with S369FMW turbo, and all parts needed for installation!! (OBS trucks need to have 3″ plenums) Just hook up your air filter and exhaust and this system is ready to run! **PRICE INCLUDES 2.5-3″...
  • AFE

    7.3 - AFE Intercooler Pipes

    Flow and Performance:The intercooler tubes are constructed of 3" mandrel bent aluminum tubing for maximum flow then powder-coated wrinkle-black for heat and corrosion resistance. The smooth bends allow for low turbulence while increasing horsepower and...
  • 1023 Diesel - Banks Power E99 Ford 7.3L Big Head Wastegate Actuator -1 1023 Diesel - Banks Power E99 Ford 7.3L Big Head Wastegate Actuator -2

    Banks Power

    Banks Power E99 Ford 7.3L Big Head Actuator - gbe24400

    MSRP: $221.99
    Banks Power Early 99 Ford 7.3L Big Head Wastegate Actuator Power NOW! When turbo exhaust backpressure increases, the stock actuator prematurely blows off the seat, softening boost in the midrange and killing torque. With twice the diaphragm area and...
  • Borg Warner

    Borg Warner S476SX-E - (87mm Turbine)

    S476SX-E SupercoreWhat Does Super core Mean? - That means this turbo is sold without a Turbine housing. Normally used in Add-A-Turbo Kits for Newer VGT Trucks or strictly race applications, This Turbo is no Joke.- If your looking for THE MOST out of your...