Stage 3 Package - 525HP | 99-03 7.3

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Expect Delays on Some Components


Stage 3 Package - 525HP | 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke


 Package Includes:

- Irate Diesel T4 Mount Kit with S366SX-E (Includes Up-pipes, Downpipe, Intercooler Pipes, turbo & mounting hardware)
- Full Force Diesel 238/80 Hybrid Injectors (Or other variation from dropdown)
- Irate Diesel Complete Electric Fuel System
- 1023 Diesel Custom Tuning
- 1023 Diesel 30 Day Tuning Revision Support Pack
- Free Shipping in the continental USA (AK & HI exclusions may apply)

Will my Stock HPOP Be OK? 

That depends on the health of your pump, it will likley work well in all senarios other than when WOT (Wide Open Throttle) in a race tune. We generally recommend on 99-03 trucks just running the new setup and see if your pump will keep up before upgrading. 

Should you need an upgrade we recommend the CNC Fab Stage 2 (HERE) or Adrenaline (HERE)

What Transmission Upgrades Will be needed?

Automatics: You will need a fully "built" transmisison for reliability with this setup. 

While again like with the HPOP, you can get by if you are in milder tunes and easy on it but if you want to make the most of it, we would look into a good build from Dieselsite, Warren, Sam Wyse, A-1, BTS etc... 

Many of those options can be found (HERE)

Manuals: Manual trucks will need something like SouthBends Dual Disk (and HD Hydraluics). Or a Similar Valair. 
OBS Clutches (HERE)
SD Clutches (HERE)

What Can This Kit Be Used For?

This is a great setup for those who want o to push the truck as far as is considered somewhat reliable but still need to be able to hook to a trailer and tow and enjoy every experience. 

It is HIGHLY recommend that you install good valve springs, Pushrods, Head Studs and that you do not count on running this setup at its max capacity on a 2002-2003 truck with Powedered Metal Rods. 

A stock 99-03 truck will dyno at around 180-190HP and 350lb.ft of torque. 

This setup is capable of 500-550HP and 1,000+b.ft of torque.

Any questions, like always contact us!



***Contact us for expedited shipping options***

***Injectors must be returned in original OEM boxes for full core credit.***

Full Force Injectors must be postmarked within 30 days of receiving them.
Unlimited Injectors must be postmarked within 21 days of receiving them.

***If you choose to keep your old injectors and have not paid the full core charge... you will be billed the difference.***

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