Power Packages

Power Packages

  • 1023 Diesel

    400HP Package - 99.5-03

    1023 Diesel 400hp PackageThis is our base for a 400HP Build!On 99-03 7.3, nothing more than good tuning, some mild injectors and a very solid drop in turbo are neded to make 380-400HP. No HPOP or fuel system modifications are required to run this package...
  • Superduty Stage 1 Kit

    Superduty Stage 1 Kit

    Our Stage 1 Kit will provide the basic modifications that every truck should receive to perform its best while retaining the stock injectors and turbo. Includes:MBRP 4" Turbo Back ExhaustS&B Cold Air Intake 1023 Diesel Tuned Hydra ChipTunes:Daily...