Parts & O-Rings

Parts & O-Rings

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    KC Turbos

    KC Turbos Billet Compressor Wheel

    MSRP: $225.00
    Now: $190.00
    Was: $225.00
    KC Drop In Billet Wheel (Stock Turbo)Our drop in 6x6 style billet wheels with extended tips are a great upgrade for someone looking for a little quicker spool, a little more air flow, and lower egts. This wheel is not noisy like some of the other wheels...
  • KC Turbos

    7.3 S300 DROP IN TURBINE WHEEL 94-03

    This is our new 7.3 s300 style drop in turbine wheel! THIS IS A DROP IN WHEEL. NO MODIFICATIONS NEEDED. You will see the blades are larger, it captures more air and will spool much faster and is more efficient. This new wheel is based off of an s300sxe...
  • Dieselsite

    OBS 7.3 Bellowed Up-Pipes

    OBS 7.3 Bellowed Up-PipesNew! This Dieselsite (now in 409 Stainless Steel) up-pipe kit was designed to replace the poorly designed OEM standard equipment up-pipes and donut gaskets that typically leak. This design allows for expansion and contraction...
  • 1023 Diesel Blank Pedestal 94-97

    1023 Diesel Blank Pedestal 94-977.3 OBS (94-97) Non-EBPV Turbo Pedestal!This is Key to fixing or preventing Pedestal oil leaks from a tired Exhaust Back pressure Valve.For a Quality rebuild kit and billet wheel to finish the job look...
  • 7.3 OBS TP38 360 REBUILD KIT - Made In America!

    7.3 GTP & TP POWERSTORKE 360 REBUILD KITThis is a standard rebuild kit that includes upgraded 360 degree thrust bearing, new thrust collar, new oil slinger, new piston rings, new journal bearings and sleeve, new compressor cover oring, new backing plate...
  • 1023 Diesel

    OBS 7.3 High Flow Outlet

    OBS 7.3 High Flow OutletThis TP38 High Flow Outlet allows for better exhaust flow since it doesn't have an exhaust back pressure valve built in. This is a required piece when you use the deleted pedestal.
  • CX Racing

    CXRACING OBS Intercooler Kit

    Need an affordable intercooler kit for your 1994.5-1997 OBS 7.3L? Look no further than the 100% BOLT ON complete kit from CXRACING. For you stock and drop in turbo guys, no more worrying about a lack of performance due to high intake temperatures...