Fuel System Kits

Fuel System Kits

  • 300hp, 400hp OBS 7.3 Power package

    1023 Diesel

    OBS 400HP Package - 94-97

    1023 Diesel 400hp PackageThis is our base for a 400HP Build!On the 94-97 OBS 7.3, nothing more than good tuning, some mild injectors and a very solid drop in turbo are neded to make Good power. No HPOP modifications are required to run this package...
  • Irate Diesel Performance

    IDP Regulated Return Fuel System

    Description Irate Diesel Regulated Return System 304 stainless hardlines with Fuelab regulator, and Parker fittings. This is one of the cleanest simplest kits on the market. All lines are quality bent in the USA! Our Regulated Return systems are a bowl...