FFD - 250/100 Hybrid Injector Set | 94~03 7.3L

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Full Force Diesel 250/100 Hybrid Injector Set | 94-03 7.3L Powerstroke

These Injectors are GREAT for anything from stock to 550hp. 

These will work on a stock fuel system, HPOP*, and turbo if needed.


Our Recommended Turbos:
2. KC 66/73 - Little slower spool up at a little cheaper price. but will have great performance in a race tune/daily driving and get the most power from these injectors. Note: If you have already paid for up-pipes, pedestal and all the stock drop-in turbo upgrades then this may be the right choice as spending for them again on the T4 kit will be a bit redundant

1. Irate Diesel T4 Mount kit with S366SX-E - This is our MOST recommended turbo for these injectors. No compromise.. Fastest spooling, most responsive turbo and perfect for these injectors at any altitude.

Potential Gains over Stock:
Max potential (in a race tune) these injectors combined with good tuning and a proper turbo will gain about 325-375HP over a bone stock truck.

*Some fuel system modifications recommended for max potential*
*Custom tuning is required to run these injectors on any truck*

***For expedited shipping choose UPS ONLY***

***Injectors parts must be returned in original OEM boxes for full core credit.***

***If you choose to keep your old injectors and have not paid the full core charge... you will be billed the difference.***

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Warranty Information

Full Force Diesel Injectors include a 18 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty!
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