What Clutch Is Right For You?

What Clutch Is Right For You?

You may need to upgrade you clutch if… 

You’ve increased your engines horsepower and torque,

you expect to exceed the recommended towing capacity of your truck,

or a combination of both. And then you have those that build their trucks for

competitions like sled pulling or drag racing. 

Finding a good clutch is more than just finding the best clutch on the market... It's about finding the best clutch for Your application. Is your truck a daily driver or work truck, do you tow, do you tow heavy, do you like to play with your truck, or maybe all the above! 

First: Figure out how much power your truck has (or plans to have).

Next: Decide what you want to do with your truck. 

General rules to consider:

  • The hp rating of the clutch should match or slightly exceed the estimated hp of the truck
  • Any truck used for competition sled-pulling should use an SFI approved multi-disc clutch.
  • Trucks that regularly tow 15,000 lbs or more should use a double disc clutch designed for the street, regardless of the hp level.
  • Trucks that are above the 450 RWHP which are used primarily for towing should use a street double disc. A full metallic single disc clutch is likely to engage too aggressively, especially on 2WD trucks.
  • High torque clutches often incorporate metallic linings which may cause an aggressive engagement. This may be even more apparent when towing.
  • Performance or high torque clutches may feel, drive or sound different than the factory system.

A clutch designed to hold 550 hp may not act right in a truck that only puts out 350 hp to the rear wheels.

OBS Clutches:

South Bend Organic Clutch Kit (400HP) - (Here)
South Bend Organic Clutch/Feramic Kit (475HP) - (Here)
South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit (650 HP) - (Here)

99-03 7.3L Clutches:

South Bend Organic Clutch Kit (400HP) - (Here)
South Bend Organic/Feramic Clutch Kit (475HP) - (Here)
South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit (650 HP) - (Here)

03-07 6.0L Clutches:

South Bend Organic Clutch Kit (425HP) - (Here)
South Bend Street Dual Disc ORG Clutch Kit (550HP) - (Here)
South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit (650HP) - (Here)

South Bend Competition Dual Disc Clutch Kit (850HP) - (Here)

Keep one thing in mind when buying a clutch. There is no such thing as an indestructible clutch! I don't care who made it or what it is rated for, you can destroy a clutch in a hurry if you don't use it properly.

South Bend makes outstanding clutch and flywheel upgrades for stock, mildly enhanced vehicles and street or competition racing applications.

Make sure you're getting the "Power to the Pavement" that you’ve worked so hard to pay for!

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Jan 8th 2020 Thomas Williams

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