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Tow Like a Pro

Tow Like a Pro

Good Mild step towing setups are the most commonly asked questions we get.

Usually, You have a truck that is a daily, needs some upgrades and you want to tow your camper better. But still keep up with new 6.7s..

This is the parts we recommend for just that.


A good mild Injector generally deemed safe on a stock truck is Stage 1s - Stage 1.5s. (160/0 - 180/30)

For a All-around nice daily/tow/mild but fun setup these are a great fit for cheap!

OBS Trucks also benefit from an Electric Fuel system.


No oil mods needed on either Superduty or OBS Trucks!
Stock High Pressure Oil Pump is fine.

Air is often overlooked..

It is 100% possible to just drop your Injectors and tuning in and roll on a stock turbo, but getting more clean cool air into the combustion chamber is vital to making use of the extra fuel efficiently.

First, an air intake system: S&B and AFE Make great Kits!


Cheap: Billet Compressor Wheel and a Good 360* Rebuild Kit

Drop in: A Drop in charger from KC Turbos will make the most of your injectors and offer a new turbo with a good warranty.

Most Versatile: By far (especially on OBS trucks) a Irate T4 Mount Kit and properly Sized S300SXE Charger is THE rout to go.

Better Cooling, faster transient response (spool-up), and not a bad price for what you get.

- Stainless Bellowed Up Pipes
- Stainless Intercooler Piping
- Pedestal less prone to leaks
- New Downpipe (4" on SD & 3" on OBS)
- Complete new turbo
- Boots and clamps are optional.

On an OBS, almost a no brainer!
These kits make adding an intercooler a breeze.



Tuning is key to tying it all together.
Good tuning will make the most of the new setup!

We recommend a Hydra for the device and there are many good options for custom tunes.

We have Kits Packaged thereto for you here to see pricing and options!

Call the Office with any questions on what will be best for you!

Feb 23rd 2019 Dustin Hogate

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