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450HP 7.3 Build

450HP 7.3 Build

450hp 7.3 Build List

For a clean, well rounded setup that does anything you will need, and get you around 400-450hp here is my recommendation. Based on Performance and reliability, not budget.



Unlimited/Full force/Swamps/Rosewood 205/80 Injectors. These are able to run anything from Stock Power to 450HP if you want it. Run great on stock Fuel system and HPOP (SD)

adding a 4 Line feed From CNC Fab or a Riffraff FRx is not a terrible idea on superduty Trucks.

OBS Trucks Will need a complete Fuel System to make full use of this build.

444Fab and Irate Diesel Performance are good choices.

Total: $1,895 (fuel system options add another $200-1,000)



PHP Hydra With Custom Tunes From us (1023 Diesel) or another Tuning Company. ie. SDK Performance, Jellibuilt, Gearhead..

Total: $325-525 (depending where you buy)



BTS/Sam Wyse/Chuck Dorsey/A-1 - STG1 or STG2 Transmission (how much reliability are you wanting and how hard do you intend to drive?)

Total: $3,100-4,600


Manual transmission Guys, you will need a good clutch..

a ZF-5 or ZF-6 transmission will handle this power well. and a Single disc will be ok.

However you do not want too little or to much.. a Southbend CON-OFE is our go to for this type of build. Solid engagement, not to grabby but made with organic/feramic buttons for longevity.



KC38R as a drop-in option (KCTP38R for OBS Trucks)


Irate T4 mount with a S364.5(High ALT) S366(Lower ALT)

Doing bellowed Up -pipes and Blank Pedestal are also a good idea with the KC.

Total: $1,490 - $2,900



Edge CTS2 Digital Monitor. Add EAS Boost and EGT Probe =


Build Total: $7,500-$10,900


There are other Brands, options that are not mentioned here.. This is simply meant to point in a good direction and keep reliability up. You don’t need all of this and it can go in stages but in general to keep the same reliability as stock (or close) this is a solid list.

Thank you for your interest!


Dustin Hogate

1023 Diesel & Fleet INC

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Feb 24th 2019 Dustin Hogate

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