7.3L Calibration Terms

1023 Diesel & Fleet INC Custom 7.3L Calibration Terms, Conditions, and Policies

7.3L Calibration Use and Recipient Expectations

Customer Acknowledgments  

7.3L Modified fuel injectors

Customers must specify the manufacturer and build date of the fuel injectors if they are not OEM, in the notes section of 7.3L tuning products and in the required "Custom Tuning Form" with most 7.3L related component purchases. 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. must know this information in order to prepare the custom calibration files properly for the vehicle. Common fuel injector sizing can be universal but is misleading, 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc relies on in-house performance results from common 7.3L fuel injector manufacturers and common fuel injector builds from said manufactures. 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. does not guarantee 7.3L tuning support of all modified 7.3L fuel injectors and my choose not to sell or support 7.3L tuning products that are intended for use on un-supported fuel injectors. See support. This statement also applies to OEM fuel injectors installed in vehicles for which the particular model did not come factory installed. 

 7.3L and EEC-V DPC Variant Powertrain Control Modules

Ford 7.3L Powerstroke F/E series and Excursion models came factory equipped with Ford's DPC variant of EEC-V Powertrain Control Modules and is the only supported configuration by 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc.  

We support custom tuning for *most* PCM's found in the 1994.5-1997 1999-2003 F-Series / E-Series and Excursion models. We cannot guarantee support for any PCM version and we may not know its compatibility with a given calibration until after fulfillment. There are more than 1000 different calibrations and hardware revisions released by Ford and we simply cannot account for them all. Difficulties may also arise if the customer has a remanufactured PCM, or a swapped PCM that may be incompatible with the vehicle. 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. attempts to screen and verify all purchases prior to fulfillment, but often times issues do not present themselves until after we have sent the non-refundable tuning. We understand not every customer will be able to account for the exact history of the vehicle cab and PCM but we cannot offer support on something we cannot determine certain.

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. must assume the PCM information provided is accurate.

If the 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. determines there is a compatibility issue between a given calibration firmware and the customer's PCM. 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. may choose to refund the purchase and discontinue support if the issue was determined after fulfillment. 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. may otherwise choose to resolve the issue another way and will be discussed with the customer. 

7.3L PCM Swaps and Unknowns

If information and history of the PCM cannot be determined, there are ways to help verify the device, but 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. must be certain about the hardware and application before calibrations can be prepared.

A customer may contact us before the purchase to save us both some time.

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. will not support any automatic swapped manual transmission vehicles that do not have automatic PCMs installed. If this is the situation, please contact the 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. before the purchase.

With any component swap regardless of year and model, their may be unknown issues that cannot be supported and are not known until the issue appears, so again the customer should get in contact if component swapping is necessary for the vehicle. Please consider the swap and the possible issues that may appear before your swap.

No component swapped vehicles require "custom tuning" to start or operate, meaning the vehicle should start and run before contacting 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. We do not support 7.3L tuning or 7.3L tuning related products under the assumption this it is our responsibility to "make the vehicle operate". 

Custom 7.3L tuning offered by 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc may be desirable for smooth operation and peak performance of a component swapped, but again is not required for vehicle operation. 

 7.3L Modified automatic transmissions

If the builder of the customer's vehicle requires the disablement of factory 1st and 2nd gear torque converter clutch application for expected operation, the customer may experience drivability issues in performance applications and/or heavy towing applications. Issues may include: excessive rev-limit issues, aggressive 3rd gear clutch application, high transmission fluid temperatures, large RPM drop in 2-3 upshift, loss of power after 2-3 upshift, uncontrollable exhaust temperatures, excessive exhaust smoke, delayed or awkward 3rd gear clutch application, shift hunting, excessive converter lockup clutch wear.

Most transmission builders require we reset factory transmission firmness control which means we must also reset to a factory shift schedule. 

If the transmission builder has disabled PWM torque converter lockup, the PCM no longer controls lockup clutch firmness.

When 1st and 2nd gear torque converter lockup is disabled, it is disabled for manual 1st and 2nd gear also, meaning the driver must be careful using manual 1st and 2nd gear especially when using a low range transfer case gear. RPM can spike quickly to rev-limit and top speed is greatly reduced without torque converter lockup. 

 7.3L Stock fuel injector customers

Nearly all 7.3L Powerstroke engines we service that have never had their fuel injectors or high pressure oil pump replaced, have wear issues, contrary to popular belief. It is common for customers who have owned this vehicles for a long period, or brand new 7.3L owners to contact 1023 Diesel with the expectation that we can "fix" the low power issue and often the case is, the vehicle needs attention and possible component replacement not custom tuning. 

1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. may require customer's provide proof of High Pressure Oil system health by contacting the 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. with the required data-logs.

1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. requires all stock fuel injector customers have the ability and understanding of capturing and sending CSV (comma separated value) data-log files via email.

Data-logging is required by the 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. for any revision support. 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc will deny support without refund to any customers who fail to supply data-logs required by the 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept.

Big Tires

Any tire size over 33" inches in diameter on a Ford F/E Excursion series vehicle with 7.3L custom tuning can cause unsolvable drivability issues. Large tires can cause excessive wear on drivetrain and powertrain components along with a whole lot of drivability issues including poor transmission performance, excessive transmission fluid temperatures, high exhaust temperatures, excessive transmission and drivetrain wear, poor towing capacity.   

Custom tuning is not magic, and by that I mean there is so much more physics at work with larger tires and improper axle gearing than can simply be "corrected" for in a custom calibration file. Our transmission tuning will always be trade-off based and we believe we chose the best route for drivability with most customers out of the box. 

Customers purchasing custom tuning for the sole purpose of "fixing" a shift schedule, excessive smoke, or EGT issues with larger than 33" tires and improper gear ratio's may be denied support without a refund.

All customers are encouraged to reduce their tire size for the best results. We urge customers to remember we are a Performance-oriented company, and for proper performance tire size should be considered heavily.

Customers may re-gear their axle ratios to help compensate for tire size, and it is advised for customers who are against decreasing tire size for better drivability. We have a tool on our website linked here, to help customers select a new axle ratio for a given tire size combination.  

Customers may want to consider live tuning from local vendors if transmission control expectations are high.

High Altitude

Customers over 4500ft alt. will mostly always have limitations to the performance of a 7.3L Powerstroke engine. Customers should always understand you will have power limitations that will limit your drivability and increase the potential for engine damage. 

You must understand there is nothing we can do in tuning to give you more power, but also compensate for high altitudes. You will always have to watch exhaust temperatures when making more power, along with smoke output. We made the decision as a company not to restrict performance to compensate for altitude, but leave that to the driver because ultimately you know how you drive and where you drive better than we ever will.

In some use cases we suggest having the vehicle live tuned for best high altitude performance. 

Customers with larger than stock tires and a 3.73 or lower gear ratio are guaranteed to run into issues due to high altitude, and 1023 Diesel & Fleet may decide to deny support without refund to these customers. Datalogging will be required if support is requested, otherwise requests will be denied. 

7.3L MISC Notes

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. does not support the disablement of any factory sensor modules, and expects proper performance of all factory installed sensing equipment.

Calibrating the speedometer does not "fix" shift schedules. This is a much more complex issue due to torque differences with larger tires, and requires more attention and customer feedback than guessing at shift schedule adjustments.


Duration and start of support period:

Support begins the date of the purchase and lasts for 30 Days, unless otherwise negotiated before the purchase of 7.3L tuning and 7.3L tuning related products 

Custom 7.3L tuning or products containing 7.3L custom tuning are non-refundable. 

If the customer fails to bring bring an "issue/complaint" to the 1023 Tuning Department's attention within this 30 day window 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc is not obligated to support your "issue/complaint" or refund the purchase. 

Pre-existing issues:

If 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc has reason to believe the customer's vehicle is unhealthy or has some defect known to the customer before the purchase of 7.3L tuning and 7.3L tuning related products, 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. has the right to deny sale of said products before fulfillment, or deny support at any time thereafter.

Vehicle build and parts

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. makes no guarantees that 7.3L tuning and 7.3L tuning products will be compatible with any given vehicle modifications. 1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. reserves the right to deny sale, service, or support for 7.3L tuning and 7.3L tuning related products that are not believed to be compatible. 

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc. may grant the sale of 7.3L tuning and 7.3L tuning related products with limited or no support. 

Revision Support

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc may refuse support without refund at any time, if a customer does not comply with required questions during a support session. 

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc may refuse support without refund at any time if the customer does not have the ability or refuses to supply data-logs in the required format given from the tuning department if required to do so. 

1023 Diesel & Fleet Inc does not and will not disable any Diagnostic Trouble Codes, or any related Onboard Diagnostics systems for any reason and may choose to ignore requests to do so. 

Support requests must be initiated with the 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. through proper channels: revision request form, or via email. If the customer chooses to contact the 1023 Diesel Tuning Dept. via email, the email must include the exact billing name and order number on the order. We are not obligated to respond to any emails that do not include a valid name and order number. The name must be the billing name on the order, because this person is considered to be the purchaser of the products regardless of who the order was sent to or who placed the order. If the name in the name supplied via email does not match the order billing name, we may ignore the request. 

Proper Support Channels

Our support request form here

A properly formatted email request to tuning[at]1023diesel.com. (Improper requests will be ignored) Please include this message in the subject field "Support Request - Order#XXXX"


Calibration appendix (09-2021)

Calibration descriptions extended:

Daily Lite: The daily lite calibration file is and always was designed to allow the vehicle to perform as close to factory for the given model and year for modified fuel injectors. The design is not perfect and some internal trade-offs were made, but we believe the current design goals for this calibration meet or exceed most customer expectations. For factory fuel injectors this calibration is an unmodified factory calibration of the same firmware as the rest of the set. 

High Idle: We have found that 1100 RPM tends to be the sweet spot for most customers and will be included with the calibration set unless otherwise specified. If your intentions of using this file to charge batteries or jump start other vehicles, raising engine RPM will often increase alternator output (varies on design and capacity) compared to standard idle, and may decrease field winding load depending on charging load. Raising engine RPM will not "save" the alternator from damage when overloaded, which is often the case with battery charging and "jump starting". Do not use this calibration for PTO control. This calibration simply raises idle speed but often will not offer enough load compensation for most PTO loads, you should be using the Ford APCM to control your PTO idle speed. Do not attempt to use this calibration on the road. Do not use this calibration as "cruise control"

Heavy Tow: We find that heavy towing with 7.3L Powerstroke engine design limitations require us to build a calibration with factory or less than factory horsepower for all fuel injector sizes in order to keep EGT, transmission, and engine temperatures within normal range. This calibration does have significant transmission differences compared to street calibrations, but power is heavily reduced. For heavy towing we highly suggest discussing your build with our sales dept. before purchasing components. We often find parts companies misleading the sale of their product for towing and expecting the tuning company to compensate for their products on an improper use-case. If you live in an altitudes over 5000ft. and experience high temperature issues, do not expect this calibration to fix that for you. You will always be limited by engine design at high altitude. 

Light Tow: Significantly increased horsepower over stock with raised global shift and lockup schedules. It is roughly equivalent in power to the Daily Driver (formerly Daily econ).

Towing calibrations are not designed to be driven unloaded. They are explicitly designed to perform with a load, undesired performance will occur if driven unloaded. Customers should not expect these files to compensate for their larger tire size or improper tire/gear combination. 

Tuning calibrations are not designed to compensate for overloading the vehicle, we do not support towing over vehicle capacity. 

Daily: Significantly increased horsepower over stock with a priority on drivability. Customers that drive aggressively or live in hilly areas will likely see better fuel economy. High altitude customers should consider daily driving this file to keep exhaust smoke down and drivability up. 

Street: (aka Street Shredder) Significantly increased horsepower over daily, with a priority on drivability. Slightly more aggressive shift and lockup schedule. For most customers, fuel economy peaks in this calibration. High altitude customers may notice decreased drivability in this file

Cummins Killer: Maximum power output any fuel injector and high pressure oil system will produce. Performance is the priority in tradeoff with drivability. Low pedal sensitivity has been artificially increased to feel more aggressive. For customers with large turbochargers and 1/4 mile racers, this sensitivity typically helps with staging and turbocharger response. For customers wishing to test their vehicle on a dynamometer, depending on the setup, dyno type, and dyno operator, some adjustments may be required. 

Ludacris: (Discontinued) In an effort to move toward emissions compliance, removing this calibration was necessary. This calibration file was designed only to meet niche customer demands. All of our design constructs were thrown out the window in favor of absurdly aggressive pedal response.   

Closing Notes

1023 Diesel & Fleet INC expects all users to understand and abide by the notices and policies stated in the above document.

1023 Diesel & Fleet INC reserves the right to change this information at any time and expects users to regularly accept the notices and policies stated in the above document.