BD Diesel - Bellowed Up-Pipe Kit | 99.5~03 7.3L

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BD Diesel Bellowed Up-Pipe Kit | 99.5~03 7.3L Powerstroke

The BD UpPipes are a durable, longer-life replacement for this common Powerstroke problem and is perfect as an upgrade while performing other engine or transmission repairs. There are cheaper auto parts store up pipe kits that are inferior to these. We've installed the other kits and spend hours trying to get them to fit. Buyer be ware you get what you pay for with up pipes.


  • Replaces factory exhaust feed system which is prone to leakage
  • Prevents loss of turbo drive pressure and increased EGT's
  • Crush donuts replaced with stainless steel gaskets for extended sealing life
  • Maximizes transfer of heat energy to the turbo
  • Less restrictive, internally shielded expansion bellows
  • Reduces the chance for piping burn out
  • High-silicon ductile iron Y-adapter


  • 12-Months
  • 24,000 Miles
  • Surface rust not eligible

These upgrade up pipes replace the leaky factory up pipe that have a gasket that fails over time with age. If you ever need to service your turbo then these up pipes are recommended. Usually the factory up pipes can hold pressure over time until they are disturbed. Changing the turbo disturbs the factory pipe causing the pipes to create a new leak that wasn't present before the installation. This kit replaces the factory exhaust feed system (exhaust manifold to the turbocharger) which is prone to leakage due to the deterioration of the exhaust crush donuts. The escaping exhaust and heat from the deterioration eventually burn out the feed pipes causing loss of turbo drive pressure, performance and increased EGTs.

The exhaust crush donuts with stainless steel gaskets for extended sealing life. New designed Stainless Steel piping with sizing to maximize transfer of heat energy to the turbo come with less restrictive, internally shielded expansion joint bellows that are not exposed to exhaust gases thus reducing the chance for burn out. The turbo Y-adapter is made from the same proven high-silicon ductile iron used to make our exhaust manifolds. Expansion sections of the up pipe expands and contracts with heat to allow a true seal un-like the stock up pipes. The stock pipes a single rigid design that will contract and expand pulling the pipe away from the seal causing leaks around the gaskets.

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Warranty Information

Warranty: Parts 12-Months 24,000 Miles Note: Surface rust not eligible
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