1023 Diesel Hydra Tunes | 3 Tunes

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1023 Diesel Hydra Tunes | 3 Tunes

NOTE:  You must specify the manufacturer and build date of your current 7.3L fuel injectors if they are not factory, in the notes section of this order. We must know this information, otherwise you will receive an email asking for fuel injector information and you will experience delays. 

We do NOT support custom/home built fuel injectors without a proper flow specifications sheet and testing procedures. Without this information we cannot support revisions on your tuning and we will NOT refund the purchase if you wish to continue. If you mention your fuel injectors are custom built, please wait for an email from our tuning department asking for more information. (Expect delays)

Support starts the date of the purchase.

If you have a pre-existing "issue" prior to purchasing tuning assuming we can "fix" it, we may end support without a refund. Please see FAQ 

If you fail to bring an "issue/complaint" to the 1023 Tuning Department's attention within your 30 day support window, we are not obligated to support your "issue/complaint" or refund your purchase. 


We support custom tuning for *most* Ford EEC-V DPC Powertrain Control Modules found in the 1994.5-1997 1999-2003 F-Series / E-Series and Excurstion models. We cannot guaruntee support for any PCM version and we may not know its compatability with a given calibration until after the purchase. There are more than 1000 different calibrations and hardware revisions released by Ford and we simply cannot account for them all. Difficulties may also arise if you have a remanufactured PCM, or a swapped PCM that may be incompatible with your setup. We attempt to screen and verify all purchases prior to fulfillment, but often times issues do not present themselves until after we have sent the non-refundable tuning. We understand not every customer will be able to account for the exact history of the vehicle cab and PCM but we cannot offer support on something we cannot determine certain. We must assume the PCM information you give us is acurate.

Swaps and uknowns
If you cannot verify the information and history of your PCM, there are ways to help verify the device, but again we must be certain about the hardware and application before we can start writing calibrations. You should contact us before your purchase to save us both some time. We cannot support any automatic swapped manual transmission vehciles that do not have automatic PCMs installed, and if this is the case, please contact the tuning depatrment before the purchase. With any component swap regardless of year and model, their may be unknown issues that we cannot support and wont' know until the issue arises, so again you should contact us if you plan on component swapping your vehicle. Please consider your swap and the possible issues you may find before your swap. Before contacting us on your component swap, your vehicle should still start and run, if it does not, you should start there.  

Built Transmissions:

If your transmission builder requires factory 2nd gear lockup be disabled, we will likely run into rev-limit issues we cannot fix without 2nd gear lockup. If you transmission builder has disabled PWM torque converter lockup, we can no longer control lockup clutch firmness. Most transmission builders require we reset facrtory transmission firmness control which means we must also reset to a factory shift schedule.

Stock Fuel Injector Customers:

Stock injector customers should highly consider testing their High Pressure Oil System prior to purchase. To perform testing you must have a data-logging device capable of seeing live data (ICP and IPR) and exporting CSV format logs. You may call us prior to purchase if you need more information on HPO test procedures. Other tuners/tuning systems may have disabled some sensors and DTC's, which mask issues such as a High Pressure Oil problem, or a MAP sensor failure. If you purchase tuning and our tuning staff determines a High Pressure Oil issue, failed or disabled sensors, and/or previously masked DTCs we reserve the right to end support without a refund.

Other Notes

Calibrating your speedometer does not "fix" your shift shcedules. This is a much more complex issue due to troque differences with larger tires, and requires more attention and customer feedback than guessing at shift schedule adjustments. 


Custom Tune Options:

Daily Light - This Is your 'stock power' calibration to tame down your injectors to run as close to stock power as possible.

No Start – This calibration will keep your engine from starting by turning off fuel, your truck will not start in this file but will run like stock if switched to this position after the truck is already running.

High Idle – This calibration holds the engine speed to your desired RPM for warm-up, AC, Inverter use, etc.

Daily Driver – This calibration is extremely clean with lowered shift points and pressures for smooth operation but offers a responsive pedal and some pep if you need it. We typically see the best fuel mileage from this file. (Tow-Econ for manual transmission)

Heavy Tow – This calibration offers the best shifting and torque converter lockup possible for towing and keeps EGTs in check for any load. Perfect for towing up to the max tow rating of your truck.

Medium Tow - This calibration offers the best shifting and torque converter lockup possible for towing and keeps EGTs in check for any load. Perfect for towing larger boats, small fifth wheels or similar.

Light Tow – This calibration holds the same transmission strategies as the other tow tunes but with more aggressive fueling and is best suited for towing small trailers or bed loaded campers. (Automatic transmission only, Tow-Econ for manual transmissions)

Street Shredder – Now we start having fun. This calibration is more aggressive than the daily at lower throttle input, shift points are higher to keep you in the powerband, and at high throttle input the torque converter will lock up in second gear to get all your new found power to the ground. This file is aggressive but still very clean and daily drivable. Max HP and smoke is also going to be greatly determined by your choice and turbo in conjunction with your injectors.

Cummins Killer – This is your all out, empty the injectors and race a ricer file. Great for the drag strip and dyno. This calibration is extremely aggressive and will have some smoke output. Max HP and smoke output is also going to be greatly determined by your choice and turbo in conjunction with your injectors.

Cummins Killer Lope – This calibration is the same as your regular Cummins Killer file but will lope at idle. (99-03 trucks Only)

Ludacris –This is our most aggressive all-out tune that will make MAX power at WOT with full control over how hard it fuels. Ludacris also fuels differently in the mid range get the turbo online sooner compared to other calibrations.

Ludacris Lope – This calibration is the same as your regular Ludacris file but will lope at idle. (99-03 trucks Only)


Install Instructions:


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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Best tunes

    Posted by Josh Casey on Apr 19th 2021

    These were the best tunes out of the 3 companies I bought from. Thanks 1023 diesel!

  • 5
    1023 tunes

    Posted by Corey on Apr 12th 2021

    I received the street shredder, Cummins killer, and heavy tow. The tunes were in my email by noon the same day I purchased them! I wanted alittle tweaking on the tunes and that was complete by noon the next day! Customer service is top notch! I love how quiet, clean, and smooth my truck runs with the tunes. I like the shift and converter lockup patterns. I will definitely be getting more tunes from 1023!

  • 5
    Custom tunes

    Posted by John Taylor on Dec 28th 2020

    The old E99 wasnt shifting how we wanted so I swapped in a L99 pcm and told 1023 what was going on. This is my 4th set of different tunes from them and I couldn't be happier with how the trucks performing. They get it right every time.

  • 5
    1023 Tunes

    Posted by Jake Herold on Oct 26th 2020

    Was running canned Hydra tunes on my truck which I was semi happy with, just wanted a couple tweaks made to be 100%. Called and talked to Dusty and he got me hooked up with custom tunes. Best money I have spent on my truck, if you are on the fence 100% spend the money you won’t regret it. Absolutely night and day difference and will come back to these guys for anything I need in the future. Thanks again for the quick turn around and great customer service!

  • 5

    Posted by Kurt Dorthe on Oct 16th 2020

    I have tunes from both 1023, and a competitor. I love them both, however I have to say that 1023 has hit a home run in their tuning department. The throttle is more linear, and much easier to daily drive and control at low speeds. Especially with the ZF6 in my truck. The ICP's stay up higher, and the tunes run very clean. The midrange torque is phenomenal. In fact, I'm positive I gained power in the torque department because the ludacris tune actually made my clutch slip(its rated for 1000 ft lbs). I'm very impressed, and the turn around time from when I ordered my tunes to when they were delivered was only hours. Great job 1023. I'm currently pricing out twin disk clutches lol

  • 5

    Posted by Corey campbell on Jun 19th 2020

    Great turn around, took the time to answer my questions, wrote kind of an unconventional tune for me (Bigger injectors no built trans). Thank you guys/gals

  • 5
    Custom 7.3 Tunes

    Posted by Kolt Bitzer on Apr 30th 2019

    These tunes are the real deal. They bring out the best of my stock 2002 7.3 f250 truck from pulling a loaded trailer, getting the best mpg in town, to seeing just what she’s got with their hot tunes. 1023 has their ducks in a row when it comes to these tunes from transmission shift strategies to power and performance. And they are always there to talk to and help with questions and revisions.

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