7.3 Custom Hydra Tune - 1 Tune

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1023 Diesel Custom Hydra Tune


Choose from the Following Calibrations and specify on the order notes which Files you would like.

Please also Include your -

1. Your PCM Box Code

2. Your Hydra Serial Number

3. All Modifications to your truck

Modified Injector Calibrations

Daily Light – This is your ‘stock’ power calibration to tame down your injectors and run with stock like driving manners.

No Start – This Calibration Will keep your engine from starting by turning off fuel, your truck will not start in this file but will run Like Stock if switched to this position after the truck is already running.

High Idle – This Calibration Holds the engine speed to your desired RPM for warm up, AC, Inverter use, ect.

Quiet Idle – This Calibration Lowers your idle RPM, Injection pressure and Pulls timing at idle to produce the quietest idle possible.

Daily Econ – This Calibration is extremely clean with lowered shift points and pressures for smooth operation but offers a responsive pedal and some pep if you need it. We typically see the best fuel mileage from this file.

Heavy Tow – This calibration offers the best shifting and torque converter lockup possible for towing and keeps EGTs in check for any load. Perfect for towing up to the max tow rating of your truck.

Medium Tow - This calibration offers the best shifting and torque converter lockup possible for towing and keeps EGTs in check for any load. Perfect for towing Larger boats, Small fifth wheels or similar.

Light Tow – This calibration holds the same transmission strategies as the other tow tunes but with more aggressive fueling and is best suited for towing small trailers or bed loaded campers.

Street Shredder – Now we start having fun. This calibration is more aggressive than the daily at lower throttle input, shift points are higher to keep you in the power band, and at high throttle input the torque converter will lock up in second gear to get all your new found power to the ground. This file is aggressive but still very clean and daily drivable.

Cummins Killer – This is your all out, empty the injectors and race a ricer file. Great for the drag strip and dyno. This one will smoke and is extremely aggressive.

Cummins Killer Lope – This calibration is the same as your regular Cummins Killer file but will lope at idle.

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1 Review

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    Trial Tune

    Posted by Bruce Merrell on Jun 27th 2019

    So I was having issues with another set of tunes I had, it was causing some serious none burnt fuel on startup with a lot of smoke. I did some research on line and found 1023, I tried 1 of their tunes to see if it would clear up the issue. Because I was able to put in so much in specific it almost 100% cleared up everything and the tune works great with my rebuilt transmission. Just order 7 more tunes today from them.

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