Stage 2 | 400HP Power Package | E99 7.3L

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400-PACKAGE- E99
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1023 Diesel 400hp Package

This is our base for a 400HP Build!

On 99-03 7.3, nothing more than good tuning, some mild injectors and a very solid drop in turbo are neded to make 380-400HP. No HPOP or fuel system modifications are required to run this package. Although, we do recommend looking into adding at least a hutch mod and pre-filter at some point. 

- KC Turbos S300X 63/73 Drop In turbo
- Full Force Diesel Stage 1.5 Injectors 
- FREE 1023 Diesel Custom Tuning For your PHP Hydra, SCT or Revolver Chip!
- 1023 Diesel 30 Day Tuning Revision Support Pack

Will my Stock HPOP Be OK?
Our recomendation is to purchase this setup and see if you are able to maintain ICP in the hot tunes. If not, an HPOP Upgrade may be needed to reach full potential in the race tunes, however maintaining ICP in the tow, daily and Street tunes should be a non issue.

Note: When gauging how this will "feel", The gain will be similar to going from stock to a race tune on stock injectors.. IN General, tuning alone gains you about 100hp, and you will gain about another 100hp over that with this package.

Safe for PMR Rods, great for towing any weight and very fast spool up.

Paired with 1023 Diesel Tuning this setup is clean, cool and perfect for taking that stock truck to the next level and keep up with the new models rolling off the line.

Any questions, like always contact us!


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