1023 Diesel Hydra Tunes | 6-7 Tunes

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1023 Diesel Hydra Tunes | 6-7 Tunes


1023 Diesel is now only offering one package for hydra tuning, this will include the 6-7 calibrations listed below.

7.3L Tuning Policies  Must read

PHP Hydra Chip, Selector, Ribbon cable, brush & pad for cleaning PCM and cable for loading tunes in the future. 

6-7 1023 Diesel Custom Tunes set up for ANY modifications you have done to your truck. 

30 Days of FREE Revision support on all tunes received

Custom Tune Descriptions:

NOTE: Manual Transmission Trucks will include 6 custom tunes not 7, "Light Tow" & "Daily Driver" will be only one calibation "Daily/Tow"

Daily Light - This Is your 'stock power' calibration to tame down your injectors to run as close to stock power as possible.

High Idle – This calibration holds the engine speed to your desired RPM for warm-up, AC, Inverter use, etc.

Daily Driver – This calibration places a priority on drivability and consistency. Increased power output with linear pedal response.

Heavy Tow – This calibration offers the best shifting and torque converter lockup possible for towing and keeps EGTs in check for any load. Perfect for towing up to the max tow rating of your vehicle.

Light Tow – This calibration holds the same transmission strategies as the other tow tunes but with increased power output and is best suited for towing small trailers or bed loaded campers. (Automatic transmission only)

Street Shredder – Now we start having fun. This calibration is designed to have increased power output over the daily, but maintain a priority on drivability. This calibration will nearly empty your fuel injectors when necessary. The performance of this calibration will vary heavily depending on the choice of components (fuel injectors and turbocharger)

Cummins Killer – This is your all out, empty the injectors and race a ricer file. Great for the drag strip or the dyno. This calibration places a priority on performance at the cost of drivability. This calibration will produce maximum power ouput capable of your system with no compensations and is considerably more agressive in lower pedal regions compared to street. The performance of this calibration will vary heavily depending on the choice of components (fuel injectors and turbocharger)

Useful Information:

Tuning Revisions Form: https://1023diesel.com/tune-revision-form/
1023 Diesel FAQ: 
How to check & Correct PATS Issues: 
How to load tuning on your PHP Hydra: 
How to Find PCM Code: 
Why a PHP Hydra vs Other Chips?: 

1023 Diesel Tuning Terms & Policies: https://1023diesel.com/terms-conditions-and-policies/


Hydra Chip Install

Hydra Flash Install/ How to Load Tuning On Your Chip


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10 Reviews

  • 4
    7.3 6-7 custom tunes

    Posted by James loveless on Sep 13th 2022

    There great tunes the only issue I see so far with these tunes is the lockup points other than that there great

  • 5
    Fantastic Tunes

    Posted by Francisco F. on Mar 23rd 2022

    You guys killed it on my 7.3l, my Jelibuilt tunes do not compare. Thanks ALOT!!

  • 5
    1023 tunes

    Posted by Derrick Cummings on Mar 7th 2022

    Better than can tunes any day

  • 4

    Posted by gg on Jun 24th 2021

    Customer service seems to be real good.. specifically I didn't like the tunes because they're very conservative and I have the feeling that the EPA is in their business ..however with that being said and after talking to their Tech he told me that their tunes are based on a cross-section of about 300 Similar vehicles that they have worked well for in the past..so in my opinion those tunes are basically Canned tunes and not written specifically for your truck, based on your mods.

  • 5

    Posted by Travis Goff on Feb 11th 2021

    I got these tunes to see if they would fix some issues I was having with a high end engine swap. I had previous tunes from a well known tuner and while his dragstrip tune was awesome, his everyday tunes were giving me problems. I need to get some tires that will grip to compare the high end tunes, but the milder tunes are exactly what I wanted and a night and day improvement. I would highly recommend getting tunes from 1023 if your engine is built to handle what they throw at it!

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