1023 Diesel Dyno Events 2022

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This includes 3 runs on the dyno.

1023 Diesel will load, strap and connect all sensors before preforming any runs. 

Multiple events will be hosted, please make sure to select the event you will be attending.

Due to the nature of these events we can not guarantee an exact time you will be able to run, so we will be working on first come first serve basis.

Event Information:

Great Alaska Truck Show
June 25th-26th, 2022

Prowl 4 Power
July 30th-31st


  • There are no refunds for no-shows, or issues preventing your vehicle from running at the time of the event.
  • Refunds may be granted if requested within 72 hours of the date of the event.
  • Refunds may be granted for our technical issues at the event including weather or clean-up delays.
  • Additional rules and regulations will be downloadable after payment.

Additional notes

We recommend a vehicle inspection prior to the event to ensure your vehicle is healthy and safe to run at the event.

Required forms and media

After Payment, you will recieve an email with links to download the REQUIRED relaease form that needs to be printed, signed and brought with you on dyno day. THESE WILL NOT BE AVAILABEL AT THE EVENT(s).


Competitors will be operating their own vehicles for competition. The dyno operator will be in the passenger seat and coach the driver through the operations of their vehicle on the dyno. 

For the competition, competitors will be allowed a “block” of time consisting of 20 minutes. During that time the competitor will be allowed as many runs as they can do. The competitor will also be able to cool down between runs with the use of fans, and or ice water. No other means of “Cool Down” will be allowed. 

The competitor's time block starts when the vehicle is deemed to be safely secured on the dyno. If the competitor is in the middle of a run and the time clock runs out the run will not be counted unless peak horsepower was achieved before the clock stops.


Stock Appearing: Stock appearing turbocharger is limited to one stock appearing, OEM/Factory make-specific charger only. No injectables, no add-a-turbo kits.

Fuel Only: Fuel Only High Power, any turbo configuration under 71mm compressor inducer.

Open Max Power: Open Max Power Class, any turbo size, configuration, and unlimited injectables. Please read the rules listed below in relation to making a mess on the dyno

Emission Friendly: has to have a functioning DPF. Can have anything else but no injectables


• All 1023 rulings are final. Two 1023 officials will have the final say and will determine if the run counts. 

• Your vehicle must have a functioning hood, grill, and bumper. All runs over 1000HP will operate with the hood closed.


  • Rear tires must have at least 1/16” tread and must not be misshapen or have bulges. 

  • Race Slicks are not allowed on the dyno 

  • Vehicle cannot have any visible leaks (coolant, oil, etc.) 


  • Stock Class Vehicles may not exceed 130mph 

  • Single Class may not exceed 150mph 

  • Twin Class may not exceed 155mph 

  • Unlimited Class may not exceed 165mph 

  • Vehicles will be inspected by a 1023 tech to ensure these rules are followed. 

• Turbo cross bolts and shields for Single and Twin Turbo Class vehicles with an intake coming out of the grill/Headlight and any hood stack. 

• All trucks over 1000hp must have at least one driveline loop on the drive shaft. 

• Shift spikes on the dyno will not be counted

• The Dyno “load” for the stock class will be 30%, 70% for the larger classes and cannot be changed. 

• If vehicle leaks on the dyno or dyno operating area spills greater than a 4” radius resulting in a delayed event due to clean up, the competitor will be fined $100. RUN WILL STILL COUNT. 

• If the vehicle has a catastrophic failure and clean-up delays the event competitor will pay a $500 clean-up and event delay fee. RUN WILL STILL COUNT

 • Driver must be able to operate every aspect of the vehicle from the driver seat safely during the dyno run.

• All performance enhancements (nitrous, water meth, etc.) must be securely and properly mounted to the vehicle. The vehicle must run under its own power (No external power sources, like a battery charger.) 

• No “Ghetto fogging” during competition

• 1023 and event hosts reserves the right to deny and disqualify any truck, and/or driver from competing. 

• 1023, event hosts and sponsors are not liable for any damage sustained to personal property. 

• Any competitor found under the influence of drugs or alcohol before their run will be disqualified and not allowed to Dyno.


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